sodium metabisulphite

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Dear Sir: I am the Commercial Manager of the company Mercator Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd. We have office in China and Chile. We have been importing chemical products for the Chilean market for more than 15 years. Currently a client of the food area, is asking us for a quote by sodium metabisulphite food grade. The estimated consumption is 30 Ton / month. Client has pointed out that in order to generate the sale we must pass the following stages: 1. Deliver an attractive price to the customer, together with COA, Data Sheet and MSDS, to be approved by the purchasing unit. 2. Deliver a sample of 250 g for the quality control unit to approve the product's performance. 3. Once the product is approved, a new quote is made to formalize the purchase for a container of 20 Ft. 4. Finally, if the product behaves in an appropriate manner, it proceeds to regular use for the amounts indicated. Best Regards

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