Zinc sulfate

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    Russian Federation  
  • Valid:[2019-10-18]
Requirement Description

Good day! Our company LLC “Texchemresources” expresses its respect to You and sends this request for delivery to railway station Zabaikalskaya (code 94680), Russia in the first half of 2020 of 6400 tons of Zinc sulfate (ZnSO4), crystal with content of Zn min. 39% on dry basis. We would like to ask you next questions: 1. Price for 1 metric ton DAP railway station Zabaikalskaya. 2. Is your company a producer of Zinc Sulfate? What is your production volume of Zinc Sulfate? 3. Has your company an experience of Zin Sulfate export to other countries? To what countries? When? Quantity of export? 4. Is it possible for you to deliver the Product packaging in certificated 1 ton big bags? 5. Certificate of analysis of Producer for the product. 4. MSDS 5. Copy of your export licence for the product 6. Terms of payment 7. Is it possible for you to deliver the Product by rail way to railway station Zabaikalskaya , Russia (code of station 94680)? Thanks and Best regard, Ruslan Suleymanov Commercial Director

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