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Hello I am NIKABOU GNON the general manager of a new company selling and importing medical consumables and devices. I would like to have your prices for the following medical consumables and import conditions. - seringuess 10ml, 5ml and 2ml - infusers with epicranial and without epicranien - cotton 500g - sparadra - medical thermometer - catheter or intraflon ( yelow; bleu) - gloves - Velpeau tape glucose serum 5%; 10% lactate ringer NaCl serum for any further information, please contact: whatsapp: 228 (98 37 90 33) I will be very pleased with your quick response because I would like to order these medical consumables by early May 2019.seringuess with 10ml, 5ml and 2ml needles - infusers with epicranial and without epicranien - 500g cotton - sparadr (roll of 5 m) - ordinary medical thermometer - yellow catheter, blue - sterile gloves - Velpeau tape

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