Shandong Racing International Freight Agency CO.,LTD

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     About Us

     Shandong Racing International Freight Agency CO.,LTD was established in December 2003, is a national level of international freight forwarding enterprise, is also China international freight forwarders association, shandong declaration association member units.

     Company in yantai branch, lanshan branch, rizhao embellish international shipping agency co., LTD., rizhao hua hui ocean shipping supply company, mainly engaged in international freight forwarding, international shipping agency and the Chinese and foreign ship supply and so on.

     Our company's main business is focused on the chemical fertilizer, chemical industry and its related products, but also widely involved all kinds of ore, steel products, food, wood, equipment accessories, cement, building materials and so on several products import and export agency business.

     Every employee of our company has received professional training, which can be provided by all customers. In daily work, we often study operation specification details, deepen the understanding of the latest logistics mode, save operating costs and in the process of logistics operation for the customer CARES and to increase customer business development of time and space.

     Main Business

     Our agent business scope mainly includes the following aspects: freight forwarder business, shipping inbound and outbound (port) business, ship supply and other related business, etc.

(1). Cargo handling: including cargo handling, cargo hold inspection, cargo handling, transfer transfer, storage and transportation, and settlement. The shipping company holds the freight, issue bill of lading, collect freight, collect all kinds of funds and expenses. Sign a demurrage, dispatch agreement and settlement with Hong Kong side. Shippers charter and make goods transport documents, etc.

(2). Ship inbound and outbound (Hong Kong) business: entrusted agent of all kinds of vessels, go through the formalities for declaration of ships entering or leaving ports and waters, (including customs declaration and the joint inspection of relevant formalities); Arrange the pilotage of the tug, coordinate the docking, loading and unloading of the ship, the inspection and repair of the ship, the repair, the cleaning of the cabin, the washing of the cabin, the fumigation, etc. To handle maritime salvage, maritime handling and the transfer of ships and time charter vessels in Hong Kong.

(3). Ship supply business: including handling fuel, fresh water, materials, food supply, purchasing, transfer of Marine spare parts and materials, etc.

(4). Single card service: make import and export documents, book booking, import exchange, import and export containers and goods declaration.

(5). Single card service: general cargo customs declaration, import and export air cargo declaration, Marine spare parts declaration, new box declaration and international transit cargo declaration.

(6). Settlement service: for shipping companies and importers and exporters to handle freight collection and shipping cost settlement.

(7). Other service businesses, including the crew exchange, repatriation, entry and exit formalities, medical treatment, tour, the families visit captain, the crew mail forwarding and shipping company or temporary entrust to deal with other matters, etc.






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