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    Shandong anyway international freight CO., LTD.founded in 2004, is the ministry of communications approved the establishment of the first grade international freight agent enterprise, is a formal international freight forwarders association in shandong province enterprise, is also the country's transport nvocc approved by the ministry of transportation enterprises.


     The company can undertake two to nine kinds of dangerous goods transportation, has nearly ten years of chemical works, dangerous goods transportation experience. We have a set of complete dangerous goods transportation/inspection/loading/unloading/storage/declaration system, cargo since booking there is someone who's in charge of the full process, every link of the goods from the factory door will promptly report to you the current status and provide advice and help, until they get into the boat and go on to Hong Kong, completely solve your worries. Company dangerous goods transportation system includes a number of road transport of dangerous goods exclusive team, professional loading member/declaration of dangerous goods, can provide fast and convenient for examination and approval of dangerous goods declaration business, and is equipped with first-class handling team, can provide cash membrane, loading, fumigation, packing, labeling of dangerous goods making post, on-site supervision of loading pictures and other services. Business operators and the quality good, familiar with most of the hazardous chemicals/nature of the product, understand the carriage requirements of the shipping company, can apply for shipping space fast, and able to each process in the process of transportation professional opinions to ensure transportation safety and correct.


     Dangerous goods service scope:

  1: can undertake 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 kinds of dangerous goods import and export agent, dangerous goods freight is low

  2: gases; For example, liquefied gases, dissolved other, frozen gases, mixed gases, toxic gases, the hexafluoride tellurium, aerosol, etc

  3: flammable liquids, flammable liquids, substances that emit flammable gases in water, benzene, methanol, paint, etc

  4: combustible solid, spontaneous combustion; Including safety matches, glass fiber, metal powder, ivory spontaneous sexual material such as phosphorus, sulfur, activated carbon, sodium sulfide, react with water to the flammability of materials such as metal catalysts, carbide, magnesium, barium, alkaline earth metal alloys, etc

  5: oxide and organic peroxide; For example, calcium hypochlorite, sodium sulfite, etc

  6: toxic and infectious substances; Pesticides, medical drugs, etc

  7: acid alkaline corrosion products; Several hundred kinds of chemicals including sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide

  8: miscellaneous hazardous substances






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