Musk Yinghai Pure
CAS NO: 1222-05-5
Molecular weight: 258.3984
EC NO: 214-946-9
Molecular formula: C18H26O
InChI: InChI=1/C18H26O/c1-11-9-19-10-13-7-15-16(8-14(11)13)18(5,6)12(2)17(15,3)4/h7-8,11-12H,9-10H2,1-6H3
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Musk Yinghai Pure

Product Code:  CP030  CAS Number : 1222-05-5

Formula :  C 18 H 26 O  EC Number :  214-946-9

Molecular Weight :  258.14 


1. Appearance: Colorless to light yellow thick and transparent liquid. Crystallization may

occur at room temperature.

2. Odor: Musk odor.

3. Major peak GC Content (%): Not less than 72%.

Flash Point: >100  °C

Usage: Used in variety of cosmetic and soap essences.

Packaging: 200 kg/drum in resin inner-coated iron drum.

Storage: Store drum tightly sealed under nitrogen atmosphere, in a cool and dry place.

Remark: It is quite normal that occasionally the product may turn cloudy or precipitate

out. When this happens, reheat the drum in a water-bath or heating-box with the

temperature below 50°C and both caps loosened. Stir as needed for thorough mixing

and use normally afterward. Reheating under such conditions should not compromise

the product quality and integrity.



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